Residential, Commercial & Emergency Moving Services


Miller Relocation Services (MRS) is committed to providing the highest quality of moving services here in Birmingham, AL and beyond. From in-home moving, local residential moves, moving within the State of Alabama or transporting goods across the country, Miller Relocation Services is the best moving company in Birmingham for your job.

Services Include

  • Packing
  • In-Home Moving
  • Residential Moves
  • Commercial Transportation and Logistics
  • Emergency Moving Services
  • Antique and Specialty Transport
  • Storage
  • Shipping
  • Receiving and Delivery


Our professional packers will estimate your packing needs and size load. In an efficient and convenient manner, our packers will carefully organized, wrap, and box your belongings in preparation for your move. Furniture and pictures will also be packaged, wrapped and covered as needed to further protect your valuables.

In-Home Moving

Whether you need a mirror hung or furniture moved inside your home, MRS will come and be at your service.

Residential Moves

Miller Relocation Services has the capability to move you into your new home whether it’s around the corner, within the state of Alabama, or across the country. A major benefit we offer is the use of our Portable Storage Unit. MRS can deposit our Portable Storage Unit at your house as you pack and load your belongings at your pace. Don’t have the time or man power, MRS will pack and load the Unit for you. On Moving Day, MRS will transport the Portable Storage Unit to your new home, along with your furniture to complete your move.

Commercial Transportation and Logistics

We have the right solution for all your company’s logistical needs. We understand that a seamless business operation is paramount. Miller Relocation Services is committed to being that extension of your company. MRS will coordinate with you to create a logistics plan to fit your growing business needs. Our flexibility and reliability ensures that you have everything when and where you need it. We are committed to providing the highest transportation value in the industry through our network of partners. Whatever your specific needs are, we can customize services to save you time and money.

Emergency Moving Services

Perhaps no other time will you require swift action than that in an emergency. Whether a fire, storm, or water damage has occurred in your home or place of business, Miller Relocation Services will mobilize immediately to move your belongings to safety.

Antique and Specialty Transport

MRS has the experience and knowledge to take care of all your specialized handling needs. From receiving, storing, and delivery of your antique furniture, art work, grandfather clocks, pianos, or other items with special moving needs, we have the techniques and procedures to assure the safety of your specialty items.


Miller Relocation Services can not only move you, we can store any and everything for you in a convenient, efficient way. Whether you have a few items to store temporarily, or an entire household of goods, our 10,000 square foot warehouse can accommodate all your storage needs. You can add to your storage items or pick up something you need; simply call ahead and we’ll be ready to assist you. Our portable storage units can safely accommodate items whenever needed, thus limiting handling and increasing protection. Our warehouse is open 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday for your convenience.


Miller Relocation Services maintains an international standard for all packaging and shipping. MRS will come to your home or business, pick up the items for shipment, bring them to our warehouse where they will be packaged and shipped. MRS will track your shipment and notify you upon it’s delivery to your required destination.

Receiving and Delivery

Have your new furniture shipped to our warehouse. Upon arrival, our customer service representative will notify you and set up a convenient time of delivery. They will unpack and place your belongings in your home, at no extra cost to you.

Commercial clients may have anything shipped to our warehouse, storing it as needed. Our customer service representative will notify you upon receipt and again, deliver it as needed. Our Resource Allocation Management (R.A.M.) system will give you real time inventory of your goods, ability to schedule work orders for when the goods are needed, and monitor the status of goods at any point through our system.

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