Residential and Commercial Moving Services

Tips to Help Your Move

Start planning about a month in advance. We can work on your schedule, but planning ahead will keep you on track and ensure availability.

  • Call for a free in home estimate to determine your needs.
  • REB will create a personal moving plan for you.

Clean out closets.

  • Sorting through unwanted items will help when you start to pack.
  • Call REB if you have large items such as unwanted or old furniture you need hauled off. This service is complimentary with your move.

All items packed by REB and our professional movers are insured and guaranteed for safety. If, however, you choose to pack on your own, follow these helpful packing tips:

  • Label Boxes Clearly
  • An inventory of the items in each box will help you unload more quickly in your new home. And avoid mixing items from different rooms.
  • Pack heavy items in smaller boxes. Too much weight will be difficult to carry or load.
  • Pack lighter items in larger boxes.
  • Don’t over pack your boxes, and don’t leave empty space in the box. Use blankets, towels, pillows and comforters for padding in your boxes and to fill in gaps.
  • Bundle breakables such as dishes. Wrap each dish with paper, then bundling 5 or 6 dishes together and wrap the bundle with paper. Never pack dishes flat, always on their side.
  • Never pack jewelry, money, important papers, or medicines on the moving truck. You should carry these items with you for easy access.

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